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Time for a Producers Organization

Posted in Uncategorized by Rick Culbertson on May 4, 2012


I have had many conversations with LA producers in the last three years since I first started my blog arguing for the creation of a producers organization.  Often, these conversations come from discussing the wider ills of LA theater, (half price tickets, marketing, rental contracts, etc).  We all know this is the case, and we have been talking about it for years. In every single one of those conversations it was agreed that we need a producers organization to address the problems and find the solutions.

But the question always comes around to how, and who, and at what cost?  And so the proverbial ball is dropped.

The LA Stage Alliance has finally picked up the ball in the last month. They have organized 4 meetings for the producers to discuss the formation of a producers organization.

So here we are–at probably the most significant crossroads LA Theater has seen in the past 20 years.  There was a lot of discussion at the first two meetings, much of it heated, some of it confusing, and little of it with a clear purpose.  In fact, as far as I can tell, we, the producers, were invited into this process in the middle.  Its like we are building a house, but the floor plan has already been chosen, the foundation already laid, and the walls already built.  We have been given the chance to give feedback  on the roof style, but the ultimate decision on the roof still does not belong to us.  So I think it is time for us to take a step back, look at the big picture and ask ourselves, shouldn’t we be involved in what we want our foundation to look like?  Shouldn’t we get the chance to vote for our leaders?  Shouldn’t we have the ability to hold our leaders accountable?  Shouldn’t our leaders reflect the greater producing community?  And shouldn’t they speak for us not because no one else will, but because we elected them to do so?

Moments like this come along once in a generation.  If we miss this opportunity because we don’t have the energy, time or money to ask the critical questions, then we are going to pay for it for the next 20 years. None of us can afford this.


There are two underlying points that will set the foundation for solving all of our other needs:

  1. Our organization must be independent and created by the producers, with membership, leaders and funding by only producers.
  2. We must all abide by any official majority vote of the producers organization.

These two points are critical.  As so often happens in a democracy, the people with money wield the most control.  But we, as producers, cannot afford to give control of our organization to anyone who is not a producer, no matter how tempting the potential funding.  If actors were to create Equity today, they would not allow it to be funded and administered by a third party– they would insist it be an organization of the people, run by the people.  As producers, we must do the same. It is imperative that our organization be an independent group run and funded by us.

And, in the interest of solidarity, we must always debate, reason, study, and articulate all issues and solutions put forth by the leadership/committees of the producers organization.  Once we do so and hold an official vote, we must all live with the majority decision.

Anything less will harm the collective, and doom it to failure.


This group will form the collective to allow for the process of collective bargaining.  In addition, this group (which could look like this) can also help solve our larger problems.  For example: solving the 1/2 price ticket issue, getting better rental contracts, getting better ticketing companies, create a shared list of companies that are providing good services and a list of companies providing bad services to producers, training new producers, rebranding and marketing (here and here and here), creating a 20 year plan, study the terrible economics of LA theater, and so many other things that will benefit the producer community. This group, in short, will do what is needed to solve the problems that are crippling LA Theater.


STEP (1)  We must vote, as a group, to form an independent Producer’s Organization.  This group must be created by the producers, with membership of only producers and funded by producers. General managers may also be included.

STEP (2)  The members of the newly formed group must agree that we will all abide by the group’s decisions so long as an official majority vote is conducted.

STEP (3) We must build a structure.  Every member of the group should be allowed to submit a proposal as to how we should form our group, should they feel the need to do so.  Perhaps there are additional options such as contacting the Leagues in New York and/or Chicago and looking at their structures.

Proposals should include the general make-up of the electable staff (i.e., President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc) and general rules of order (i.e. Roberts Rules of Order).

STEP (4) We will come together as a group and discuss the proposals and vote.

STEP (5) Members of the group will nominate themselves to leadership positions.  Each nominee will submit a statement clarifying their positions.

STEP (6) We will vote for our leaders.

STEP (7) The leadership will need to determine the initial cost and how dues should be assigned and collected. The group should vote to accept or reject the leadership’s proposal.

STEP (8) We will start the process of forming interest committees.  These committees should be created by the membership, not an outside party, and should reflect the way the membership views itself.  All committees should be open to all members of the whole group and leadership of each committee should be voted on by the committee  (unless another process is decided upon by the larger group).


Now we really get to work!

At this point we need to ask Equity, SDC, and USA to give us some time to research and form our collective opinions.

As I stated above, there are a lot of issues that LA theater producers have to deal with that are not related to unions.  We need to begin to develop solutions to those problems before we can move forward with collective bargaining.  After all, how can we explain why the top ticket price needs to be raised if we have not collected enough data on the problems inherent in ticketing price structure? How can we explain what we need to extend our hit shows if we have not done the research to back it up?   We need to ask some tough questions and study some outside-the-box solutions.  The entire group needs to participate in decision making.  Once we have a plan, a real plan with actionable items that hold us all accountable, only then can we start to collectively bargain.  If we have the data to back us up, and solutions in place, the unions will become our allies in creating an environment where we can all truly succeed.


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