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LA Ovation Awards

Posted in Till Death Do Us Part by Rick Culbertson on October 19, 2009

I have to take time out from my usual posts today.  I have just returned for the LA Ovation Award Nominations announcement.  It brings me a lot of joy to announce that Divorce! was nominated for five Ovation awards.  Nominations are as follows:

 Production of a Musical – Intimate Theatre (All of us!)

Book/Lyrics/Music for an Original Musical (Erin Kamler)

Director of a Musical (Rick Sparks)

Music Direction (David O)

Acting Ensemble (Greg Franklin, Matt Kaminsky, Keri-Anne Lavin, Rick Segal, Deb Snyder, Steve Staley, Leslie Stevens, Lowe Taylor, and Gabrielle Wagner)

 Other than Best Production of a Musical, all awards are city-wide with no restriction on theater size (Best Production is limited to theaters under 100 seats).

 I have a tremendous amount of pride for everyone involved in Divorce!  Congratulations to everyone.

 I would also like to say special congratulations to all of my investors.  I hope all of us in the theater community, whether our shows were nominated or not, remember that artists can’t do their jobs if investors don’t invest.  Let’s all be thankful to everyone who supports the arts financially and let them know how much we appreciate their commitment to theater.  They don’t get awards, they don’t get interviewed, they don’t stand in front of an ovation, and they often lose money.  But without them, we wouldn’t exist.

To investors everywhere… THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Sierra Rein said, on October 23, 2009 at 6:53 am

    Congrats to everyone involved, and I’d like to add thanks to the workshop singers (myself included) in the mix of “investors” as we totally believed in this work from the beginning and wanted to add our energies to it. Love and excited cheers from New York!

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